Why We Need Strategic Design

Modified Design-led Innovation Framework
Bucolo, S., Wrigley, C., & Matthews, J.

At ThinkWyn, we’re a Strategic Design firm and we’re deeply interested in complexity. We search for difficult and large-scale problems. We are endlessly curious and hopeful. And we believe that a human-centered approach to designing for systemic change is the way forward.

It’s clear we are all part of new and emergent contexts. Because of this, we need new ways to make meaning of how these different pieces can work together. We need new approaches to make better and more informed decisions.

Unfortunately optimization often becomes the go-to goal and metric which deprives space for design-led innovation. In these scenarios we are missing the value of exploring new and dynamic contexts–the experiences which are outside of the silos or, more pointedly, the experiences which cross silos.

Enter Strategic Design

The field of Strategic Design has emerged to find the patterns that matter by taking a holistic, embedded, and iterative approaches to problem framing.

Design is an expression of our values. Co-Founder & Strategic Design Principal www.ThinkWyn.com